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Kelley Oldham, LCPC

Founding Partner

Kelley’s interest in Psychology began at a young age.  She credits this to her mother’s career in spiritual counseling and believes the constant question of, “How did that make you feel?” fostered her comfort in speaking about emotions from the start.  She believes that therapy is a brave endeavor and respects all of her clients for choosing to venture into this work. Kelley practices from a viewpoint that all humans are relational beings and that healing can come from confronting one’s own experience.  

One of Kelley's influences, Irvin Yalom, wrote, "I must assume that knowing is better than not knowing, venturing than not venturing; and that magic and illusion, however rich, however alluring, ultimately weaken the human spirit.  I believe that, though illusion often cheers and comforts, it ultimately and invariably weakens and constricts the spirit."  Kelley practices from an Existential orientation, but incorporates the influences of Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Client-Centered theories.    

Kelley graduated from Taylor University, in Upland, IN, with a bachelor’s in Psychology.  At Taylor, Kelley was recruited to be part of a 3 year psychological research team that focused on the influence of critical thinking in education.  She continued her studies at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and received her master's degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology.  Throughout her graduate work, Kelley trained at a private practice where she administered psychological assessments (WISC-IV, WPPSI-IV) and completed a clinical training program at the CORE Center in Chicago, working with clients suffering from infectious disease.

Kelley spent 4 years working at a private therapeutic day school engaging children and adolescents, age 3-21, diagnosed with a wide range of emotional, learning, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  During her tenure in education, Kelley was trained in Floortime and led the creation of social and emotional curriculum for children diagnosed with Autism.   

In 2012 Kelley received her 40 hour certificate for Family and Divorce Mediation from DePaul University in Chicago.  She is passionate about the benefits couples and families experience when Mediation is used in place of the traditional legal system during divorce.  She uses these strategies in working with clients struggling with relationship difficulties.  

Kelley believes that engaging in therapy is an intimate and earnest course toward better understanding oneself.  It is important to find a clinician whom you feel safe exploring what brings you to session. 

Kelley welcomes calls for a free consultation to see if she is an appropriate fit for your needs.







Caleb Collins, LCPC

Founding Partner

Caleb approaches his work with an understanding that each client’s experience is unique and he appreciates the courage it takes to engage in therapy.  He focuses on helping individuals feel heard and understood while exploring the sources of their difficulty.  Caleb is candid yet kind and seeks to bridge the gap between client and therapist through collaboration; he believes that clients are the best experts on themselves and what they want for treatment.  He is trained in Insight-Oriented Psychodynamic therapy, Relational therapy, Existential/Humanistic interventions and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy.       

Caleb earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Drury University, in Springfield, MO, and worked for several years in administration, Human Resources and as a consultant for one of the largest privately held healthcare providers in the nation.  After leaving the corporate environment, Caleb earned his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration on the treatment of Addictions from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  He completed his clinical training at the Center on Halsted’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Institute in Chicago, IL where he provided short and long-term outpatient psychotherapy to adolescents and adults experiencing issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, HIV and alternative relationship structures.  He holds a certificate from the Chicago LGBTQ Behavioral Health Training Consortium focusing on both systemic and individual LGBTQ experiences. 

He volunteers with the Center on Halsted’s Anti-Violence project as a first point of contact for victims of LGBTQ hate crimes, sexual violence, discrimination and police misconduct.  In addition to his practice, Caleb currently works with children and adolescents struggling with a wide range of diagnoses including Social/Emotional disorders, Autism Spectrum disorders, and Intellectual Developmental disorders ranging in age from 4 – 22.  Additionally, he has provided consultation and training to all levels of primary and secondary educators on the subject of school bullying and current intervention strategies.  He has been a guest lecturer at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology on topics of Existential and Humanistic treatment interventions and applying Career Counseling to professional practice.

Engaging in therapy is an intimate and earnest course toward better understanding oneself.  It is important to find a clinician whom you feel safe exploring what brings you to session.   Caleb welcomes calls for a free consultation to see if he is an appropriate fit for your needs.