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Group Therapy 

Navigating the Lunchroom (Social Skills Training for Children):  

Fitting in at school is harder than it has ever been before:  kids can be mean to each other, classroom expectations add stress, and the pressure to fit in continues to increase.  Studies show that kids with good social skills have a significant advantage over their peers with deficits.  This group offers students guidance and a safe space to build the skills necessary to establish positive friendships, develop a healthy self-image, and manage school stress:  all while still being themselves.  Group members will hone their ability to read social cues and develop social savvy. Role-playing, problem solving, and peer interaction practice will be the modalities utilized during group time.   

Support Group for LGBTQI Teens:

Teenagers are faced with all sorts of pressures from school, friends, and parents.  Although a person's sexual orientation may not be a source of stress it can be beneficial to be able to express and relate to other's feelings and experiences.  A support group can allow people to feel safe and understood and process confusing feelings and emotions.   

Divorce Group for Children

Divorce can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for children; while parents work to manage separation and the conclusion of their relationships they find themselves with less resources to offer support to their kids.  During these times, parents report seeing an increase in isolating behaviors, anger, fear or emotional outbursts.  This group will focus on offering children a safe space to process their own unique experiences while developing relationships with others who share similar feelings.

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